Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Growing Family


The Boucher Family is growing again! We have a surprise baby due the first week in May 2012. After a roller-coaster of emotions the first trimester, excitement is kicking in while the nausea is on it's way out. (WOOT!) 

This first ultrasound was taken at 7 weeks 4 days. A second ultrasound is scheduled for December 9th. We are hoping we'll get the 3D u/s, as this dr's office does them. 

Gavin spilled the beans to Papa early. We were hoping to send out Christmas cards to announce our growing addition, but Gavin was clearly excited and told Papa, "And we are going to have a new baby!" The kids are all really happy and are having fun making gender predictions.

Here's to a healthy nine months. (well, five months now)

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